Security Technology

ELIT SECURITY GROUP Ltd has been in business relationship with its permanent security technology partner and supplier, JOMAX Limited (business registration number: 13 06 033852; fiscal code: 28435604-2-13) since its foundation, especially for installing CCTV systems. We have completed a number of CCTV surveillance systems at companies, institutions and private individuals according to increasing demand in the recent years.

Keeping an eye on recent developments, the various fields within the scope of our activities prove to be more and more interrelated with IT. As part of the process, we strive to broaden the scope of our professional skills, expand our team and our inventory as well as to react to the slightest developments on the market in order to be able to provide the best quality and most competitive services to our clients. As sub-contractors, we have built and maintained a structured networks, electronic security and CCTV systems on a number of sites.

As part of installing networks and systems, we provide a full range of services: planning, acquisition, installation, maintenance, and repair. We install outstanding quality products from manufacturers with the relevant qualifications to our clients’ utmost satisfaction. We offer years of guarantee on the networks and systems in light of the professional installation work and the high quality material used.

During our activity, the following electronic security systems and data transmission networks have been installed:


Security systems

  • Alarm systems
  • Analogue and IP camera systems
  • Production Monitoring Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Level Crossing Systems
  • Entrance Security Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • CCTV systems in residential buildings

Data Transmission Networks

  • Telephone network
  • Optic networks
  • Computer networks

For the activities above we have the necessary licences from the relevant authorities as well as liability insurance.